A few things you’ll never have to worry about if you exist on other side of oppression

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“So Jeanette, can you explain why it’s so offensive to ask a Black woman if I can touch her hair?”

“Do you really have to have ‘the talk’ with your children about the police? Wow, I can’t imagine having to do that with my own children.”

“Why do you care if there will be other Black people there? What’s so uncomfortable about being in spaces with only White people?”

“Is it possible that what you think is racism isn’t just a misunderstanding? It’s not always about race, is it?”

These are just a few questions and comments I’ve heard from…

In a world where our children have targets on their backs, there is no room for error

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Imagine giving birth to a beautiful, precious little soul who grips your index finger and looks at you with the sweetest, most innocent eyes you’ve ever seen. As you gaze at your miraculous new blessing, his eyes lock with yours as if to communicate his understanding that you are responsible for sustaining his life.

As he grows, he begins to experience separation anxiety when he can’t see or hear you. His mood brightens when you enter a room and once he becomes mobile, he begins to follow you around just to be near you.

The more he develops, the more…

Black women must be calm, soothing, and sympathetic to avoid the “Angry Black Woman” trope

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“Don’t try and cry! Because if ANYONE should be crying, it should be ME! This is the situation, you tell me where you have heard him [Piers Morgan] say — EDUCATE ME, TELL ME — when you have heard him say racist things! Educate me! TELL ME!” — Sharon Osbourne, speaking to co-host Sheryl Underwood on The Talk, 3/10/21

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Sharon Osbourne gave the world an up-close and personal look at white privilege in action.

As her co-hosts, Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth, calmly and respectfully attempted to explain why her friend Piers Morgan’s relentless attacks…

We are still considered the aggressors when we are under attack

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The recent events surrounding ABC’s Bachelor franchise and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey have successfully shone a bright light on the vicious world of bullying directed at Black women and women of color.

Americans claim to condemn any form of bullying, but that condemnation becomes null and void when Black women are the victims.

The Bachelor Bullying

Controversy overshadowed the season featuring the first Black bachelor, Matt James, due to the questionable activities of one of the front runners. Pictures of Racheal Kirkconnell, 24, attending an antebellum party in 2018 with her sorority sisters surfaced and quickly went viral. …

A Word to the White Allies Called “Mom”

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Attempting to combat racism on a large scale is an overwhelming task.

I’ve had many White people tell me — in person and online— “Why bother writing and speaking about racism? You’ll never end it anyway.”

I wish I had the luxury and freedom to not worry about racism or to just look the other way when it became too much to bear, but I don’t. I wake up Black every day, I have two Black children who are now young adults, and I also have future generations to think of. …

Black people will never be safe in this environment fueled by white supremacy

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Moments before the monumental guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case was rendered, another injustice at the hands of police took place in Columbus, Ohio.

Officer Nicolas Reardon responded to a 911 call reporting an alleged knife attack and upon arriving on the scene, he encountered three teenaged girls involved in a physical altercation. The body-cam video released to the public shows 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant fighting with two other minors. A knife is seen in the frame of the video moments before Reardon fired four shots, fatally wounding Ma’Khia.

Columbus Interim Police Chief Michael Woods held a press conference today…

Where dehumanization reigns and White supremacists get the benefit of a doubt


The world is watching the trial of Derek Chavin. We all want to see what will become of the police officer responsible for the vicious and brutal murder of George Floyd.

Millions of us were left traumatized after watching Chavin callously kneel on the neck of Mr. Floyd with his entire body weight in broad daylight while literally sucking the life out of him.

It will live forever in my mind as a modern-day lynching and gave me a sense of dread for what my ancestors had to witness time after time. Seeing his lifeless body lifted onto a stretcher…

They were human beings with family and friends who loved them. Their memories deserve to be honored with respect.

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The lives of eight families were changed forever on March 16, 2021.

Most of us don’t think twice before saying goodbye to a loved one when they leave to go to work. We assume we’ll see them in the evening at dinner to recount the events of our day, or maybe to laugh about something funny that happened. Entertaining thoughts of never seeing a beloved family member again simply because they went to work seems unfathomable for most of us.


Breaking down the myth of reverse racism

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‘For the revisionists, racism is prejudice plus power leveraged at an institutional level to maintain the privileges of the dominant social group.’ (Hoyt, Jr., C, 2012)

As an anti-racism writer, I’ve been called a racist more times than I can count. There’s something about a Black woman speaking on her personal trauma and telling her story of being Black in America that is highly triggering.

It’s intriguing, but far from surprising, that gutting racism like a fish by using descriptive words to slit it right down the middle and expose the bones that lie beneath its scaley, slimy surface would…

Why using this strategy to deflect from Black trauma says more about you than you know

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Standing up against racism is not for the faint of heart.

It requires extremely thick skin. It requires the ability to purge hateful rhetoric from your brain to function normally in your daily life with loved ones. And it requires you to become a master wordsmith to shut down the viciously racist commentary about your work or a master at using the “block” feature to preserve your energy quickly.

I’ve been a Medium member for less than a year, but I’ve penned articles and essays on racism for decades. …

Jeanette C. Espinoza

Mom of 2 amazing humans | Author of 3 books | Speaker | Activist | Creator of Jeanette’s Jewels www.jeanettecespinoza.com

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