Gone are the days when White men dictate how Black people, Black women in particular feel or react. It is not your responsibility to tell me or anyone else how they should feel or where their efforts would be better suited. Clearly you do not understand the sentiment of my article (or maybe you have) and that has caused you to respond on the defensive.

It is completely beyond me that I am expected to be grateful to the descendants of those who build a country on the oppression of my people. This is one of the most ludicrous statements I've ever heard. We can never be "stronger together" if I am still expected to shut up and take people using the pain of my people for their own gain because they claim to be "helping." You cannot compare this to building a house. A house in an inanimate object. Once again, we are HUMAN BEINGS.

Perhaps you would better suited to refrain from inserting yourself into deciding how I should behave or feel because we are 400 years past this type of conversation.

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