Beginning this comment by saying “this is the same played-out broken record” sadly proves the point of White privilege. The fact that you would completely disregard this entire article and only see it from your perspective (when for once the conversation in this country has FINALLY shifted to allow Black people to have a voice) shows that some White people just simply aren’t ready to accept the fact that this country has been designed specifically to benefit you first and foremost.

The author eloquently and concisely described not only the definition of racism, but how it is virtually impossible to apply this term to Black people. Please tell me, what major institutions are solely owned and operated by Black people that regularly practice discriminatory practices denying or limiting White admission?

I’ll do you one better — can you name even ONE institution that denies Whites the rights to join? Can you recall any bank lenders denying loans not based on credit scores, but because of your Whiteness?

Do you know of a university that won’t allow White people not because of their GPA, but because once a quota of White applicants have been accepted there are no room for more?

Have you ever moved into a neighborhood only to have all your Black neighbors move out because of fear of their property value decreasing?

Have you ever been told to “go back where you came from” even though you were BORN IN AMERICA?”

Have you ever been followed around a store with a pocket full of money but because of your Whiteness the store workers assumed you were a thief?

Have you ever been arrested under “suspicion” of a crime because of your Whiteness? Or convicted of a crime and serving years of imprisonment for a crime you did not commit? Or beaten by police because you simply asked “why did you pull me over officer?”

Dylan Roof, a White man, walked into a church, killed nine Black people (who by the way welcomed him in with open arms and PRAYED for him before he slaughtered them like animals) was peacefully arrested, taken to Burger King because he was hungry, and transported to jail in a bulletproof vest to protect HIM.

George Floyd was simply SUSPECTED of using a counterfeit $20 and was strangled to death on camera.

You tell me where the problem is.

I could go on and on for centuries here. But my point is this: arguing against the oppression of Black people in this country can only exist if someone is blind, deaf, and dumb because they would have the inability to SEE what’s going on, to HEAR the ridiculous claims that racism can be reversed and inflicted on White people, and to TALK about what they’ve witnessed.

If a functioning, rationale, half-way intelligent adult lives in this country and still makes an argument that Black people have hindered the growth and development of White people via “reverse racism” I’d love to take a trip to this alternate universe where people who look like me are in power. I guess that would be Wakanda but oh yeah, that’s actually a fictional city.

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