Good morning! Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words. As always, you hit the nail on the HEAD with your incredible insight from the highlighted comment above. I believe this is exactly what that means, but we are all way past the catering and coddling stage. We're all grown ups so I think it's perfectly fine to speak to each other as adults.

And I'm with you 2000% on intersectional feminism being ineffective without White women accepting and acknowledging our experiences as being as valuable as theirs. For so many years we've fought along side them without reaping any benefits. It's high-time the favor was returned, in my humble opinion :-).

I appreciate you so much for reading and I thank you for your invaluable knowledge and insight. I think I've said it before, but your articles and comments should be required reading!!!

Mom of 2 amazing humans | Author of 3 books | Speaker | Activist | Creator of Jeanette’s Jewels

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