Hello Kartar,

I didn’t misinterpret your comments and your response further solidifies my position. You made an intentional point to speak of what you consider to be “REAL slaves and human trafficking going on right now." Does this suggest that my ancestors, who by the way built this country that houses the rights that you and so many others feel are being violated by being asked to wear a piece of cloth, were not "real" slaves? Were my people were not victims of human trafficking when they were enslaved and brought to this country? Were my female ancestors not victims of sex crimes when they were brutally raped repeatedly, only to have the children they bore from these horrific and psychologically damaging encounters snatched from their arms after birth and sold into slavery?

As a Black woman, I don’t need to look to another country in 2020 to find a definition of subjugation and oppression. It exists right here, right now, in the good old US of A on a DAILY basis for Black people. In what way have White women been "controlled" by anyone in this country? White women are the most protected and uplifted group in America. Every government from Washington to Trump has kept the best interests of it's White citizenry in mind, with a particular emphasis on the preservation of the White woman. So much so that Black men were routinely hung for simply LOOKING in the direction of White women. It's laughable to me that you who have so much privilege would actually be LOOKING for reasons to feel oppressed. I WISH I had it that good.

REAL OPPRESSION, that again, exists in THIS country is not fun. Trust me, if Black people could avoid it, we certainly wouldn't go into the world finding causes to ATTACH ourselves to it. I'm really not sure why anyone feels so strongly about masks, and how being in the comfort of your own home for a few months could equate to the oppression of being enslaved and traveling the Middle Passage on the bottom of a slave ship soaked in the urine, vomit, menses and feces of your own body and of bodies that you are shackled to. If one just does a bit of research, one would see that being asked to wear a mask a few moments out of the day complete pales in comparison to the enslavement and murder of Black people, past, present and future right here in America.

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Mom of 2 amazing humans | Author of 3 books | Speaker | Activist | Creator of Jeanette’s Jewels www.jeanettecespinoza.com

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