Hello Lezlie. First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only taking the time to read my article, but for leaving one of the most honest and heartfelt responses I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I thank you for having a beautiful heart and soul. I thank you for your courage to teach your students and not to succumb to the indoctrination that leaves our youth misguided and lost in the world. I admire your strength to walk away from a job and to instead live with integrity and to stand by what you believe. That’s one of the reasons Colin Kaepernick became such a hero to so many of us. And his life, and the lives of so many others have shown that when you follow your conscience and your heart, BIGGER and GREATER things await you.

I don’t know you, but I already feel as if I’ve made a friend, even if only through this site. I’ve followed you as well and hope we keep in touch. I look forward to reading your articles because I was blown away by your response. It read like a beautifully crafted article and as a professor I most certainly can understand why! You will bring so much to this conversation and I’m excited to read your content. And congratulations on your earnings! You SHOULD feel giddy! I believe I earned about .86 cents the first month I was here and I was excited too! This is only the beginning for you, just keep writing. There’s an incredible writer and businesswoman on this site named Sharon Hurley. She is a freelance writer and often writes very informative articles about how to make a living from freelancing and she actually published a fantastic article today. She would be a good resource for you as you start your journey. She’s also a very powerful anti-racism writer as well and has a beautiful soul.

Thank you for your encouragement. I will continue to write and hopefully reach like-minded people such as yourself and to get we can all truly make a difference. My best to you on your new (and exciting) journey! 😊

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