Hi Christine and thanks for taking the time to to read my article. I cannot speak for any other writers since Black people aren’t monolithic, however I will be happy to speak for myself.

I have no desire to shame anyone, nor to have an ally who does not come of their own free will. I don’t believe it is my job as a Black woman to “pitch a presentation” to White women about why they should join us. White women for the most part have not had active roles in our communities other than dating our men, so I think I’m good on needing them to help fight oppression.

This article was written specifically for White women who have asked me MANY questions about our culture and what was needed BECAUSE they wanted to help. These are the White women who aren’t looking to find ways to feel triggered, and aren’t easily offended by mere words because they understand Black women have had to endure FAR more without any allyship in site.

These White women also have zero desire to orchestrate how I fight my own oppression. They are simply understanding of their privilege, unafraid of being uncomfortable, and present with an open willingness to listen. They respond with compassion instead of once again challenging the oppressed and making it about themselves.

I hope this answers your question. And again, thank you for listening.

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