Hi James. I’m not arguing to tear down this “system.” That would be impossible unless Black people were in power. This system was created to KEEP Black people oppressed. Period. And as idealistic as I’d like to be time, history, and even my own personal experiences have taught me that this is true.

I’m also not arguing that all White people are racist. But most are, whether they acknowledge that or not. Some are unconsciously racist and I know this because as a Black woman I see how some people relate to me. This is not something you could ever know or experience as a White man because you are in the highest position of power in this country.

Sometimes White people tend to want to put this system on Black people as if we are being pessimistic or whining or just looking for a handout of some sort. But again, this isn’t a system we created and all of us understand what it was created to do.

The only thing I want to happen is for Black people to unify, pool our resources, and do for ourselves. If you are familiar with Greenwood in Tulsa Oklahoma this is what I’m talking about. There’s a reason why our complete history was not taught in school and I’m so thankful I was born to conscious parents who took the time to properly educate me.

I am not concerned with explaining everything to White people. I’m just not. They have shown that their interest in our lives generally occurs only to appease their own guilt or if it will do something to better their own position. There are a select few who truly have compassion and are generally invested in our community but too often those are not the ones who are in a position of power to help. I don’t depend on a White Savior. I want my OWN people to come together, rise up, and do for ourselves.

I don’t care about this system because no amount of rules made by White people will help HUMANIZE Black people. We are not seen as human beings when our CHILDREN can be killed in the street. If a 12-year-old White boy was shot by police for playing with his toy gun, there would be an uproar. But to date, Tamir Rice’s killers have never been charged.

I don’t have time to convince. I am just working to make things better for my children and my future generations. While everyone is having their philosophical discussions on social media and proving how much they know, WE, BLACK PEOPLE are the ones out here LIVING this, not just talking about it, and we are the ones who have to worry every time our children leave the house. Not like normal parental worries, but simply because they are BLACK.

You mentioned you were a father. I doubt you have to tell your children to make sure they don’t call attention to themselves, or to appear as if they don’t have somewhere to go, or if they drive, what to do if stopped by police. And not just the normal talk to inform, but because you know the wrong cop means they might be killed, even if they haven’t broken any laws. Imagine having to fill your 16-year-old with that kind of life or death fear just because they were responsible, got a driver’s license, and you were able to afford to buy them a nice car. Oh, and the car can’t be TOO nice because that also brings questions as to why this Black kid is driving around in a Lexus.

There is no resolution here because White people cannot nor will they ever be able to understand this. I don’t fault them for this. It isn’t their fault they were born as the privileged group in this country. That is why this conversation needs to be between Black people so that we can all stand up and do for ourselves. That is the only thing I’m concerned about. White people can and will always take care of themselves. And honestly, talking to some has only served to frustrate me further because of the defensiveness and inability to see outside of their own windows.

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