I continue to be confused with the partisanship interwoven into the the dilemma of "to mask or not to mask." I'm also completely befuddled by the fact that requesting someone to wear a mask could in ANY universe be compared to the raping, beating, enslaving, tyrannical slave masters that brutalized my ancestors. This is taking this ridiculous debate it to a level it should NEVER reach. You want something to fight about? Why not join the movement to help my people from being killed and discriminated against. A much more noble fight, in my opinion. Wearing a piece of cloth on your face to protect others is not slavery, people. If that is the depth of your exposure to oppression, all I can say is WOW. Now I think I've actually heard EVERYTHING.

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Mom of 2 amazing humans | Author of 3 books | Speaker | Activist | Creator of Jeanette’s Jewels www.jeanettecespinoza.com

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