It took me so long to get myself together to decide which parts to highlight because the ENTIRE ARTICLE had me popping up out of my chair each time I read a new paragraph. This was some truth in a bottle that needs to be downed by every White person in the country shot-style. When I tell you that these words gave me so much energy and had me bearing witness every two seconds, even that is an understatement. This was BRILLIANT. You and Marley K. are two of my favorite authors because you write with such unapologetic abandon and inspire me to try and become as powerfully expressive as you are.

I cannot say ENOUGH for the power behind this article and I CANNOT WAIT to share this with everyone I know. You put every thought I've had about the ridiculousness of White anger into one the most well-written articles I've ever read TO DATE. OUTSTANDING!!! And some of these comments about "remembering the dream" only further punctuate the validity of your sentiment. "And do not think it escaped my notice that you just passed this down to your child". Whoooo let the entire congregation say AMEN!!!!! I was legitimately sad when I came to the end because I wanted to hear MORE. So my crazy self read it AGAIN. I can't share this fast enough and don't know how I missed this when you first published it! PHENOMENAL WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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