Oh my goodness you took me back! I think I have a few years on you (I’m 50) and when I was young it was a three story townhouse…lol. It had a little elevator that operated with a string and I loved it! The Barbie corvette and Barbie styling head were close seconds…lol.

Your writing always evokes thoughts or emotions that lead to reminiscing about a funny memory or an event I haven’t thought of in years. For me, that’s the mark of a gifted writer because a piece that you can’t immediately put down is like a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so much for sharing your story (and ps….as a mom there’s no such thing as just ONE picture of your child. I bet your mom looks at your Santa pics more than you know. My own kids tease me for having a gallery full of their baby pictures in my phone even though they’re adults! 😉)

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