Thank you for your response but this statement once again diminishes Breonna Taylor’s life and the lives of Black women. It’s not Black people’s responsibility to highlight the lives of ALL people. We are directly concerned with our own people because we are the ones being killed in highly disproportionate numbers and without care. She was murdered 5 months ago to the date and her officers still haven’t been arrested. She is a priority in my community because I am also a Black woman. Other communities must also do the same when one of their members are murdered.

I am saddened to hear of the loss of this young man, but to bring his name into this article tells me that Breonna’s murder must be equated to someone else’s and that she is not worth standing alone and being recognized for her OWN tragedy. This is the equivalent to “ALL LIVES MATTER” which is not appropriate when we are talking about Black lives. This is why this discussion needs to continue because it becomes evident that our only lives matter until someone of another race’s life is lost and we become a foot note once again.

I would implore you to speak out and write about this young man, if you haven’t already. Tell his story. Share what happened to him with the world so that his community can get involved. Black people have fought the good fight for others since we got here but have had very little return of the favor. Looking out for our sister is something we must give our full attention to as her killers have not been arrested and her mother is unable to have peace.

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