The majority of Black people that I know, all of whom are educated and have a very clear understanding and command of the actual history of this country do support Black Lives Matter. I am very familiar with them, work with them, and respect what they are doing. I’m curious to know where you are getting this information from. Do you know anyone directly involved with the movement? Or do your views come from the regurgitated propaganda from right-wing media?

Naturally there will be Black people that don’t support it. Black people, contrary to popular belief, are not monolithic. But if you feel negative about a group of people, it’s not anyone’s job to disparage those who don’t agree. You simply remove yourself from anything having to do with them and keep it moving. I don’t agree with White supremacist groups either, but I don’t go around telling others White people that they shouldn’t support them. People will support whatever they believe in and that’s their right in this “free” country, right?

I am not suggesting to break down the system. When I say tear it down I mean the mentality of Black people. Those of us who remain asleep and buy into the belief that this society as a whole has the best interests of Black people at heart. Poppycock. We can’t even maintain regular discussions about racism without having to repeatedly justify our own oppression. It’s exhausting.

We did not create racism nor are we the perpetrators of it but when we speak out we are “crying victim.” When we form groups to combat it, we are “Marxists.” If we do nothing, we are “lazy.” If we write about it we are “angry Black women.” The list goes on. I’m not sure what White people expect us to do since anything we do is met by opposition, but what we WILL do is unify and figure this out for ourselves since we are the only ones who TRULY have our best interests at heart.

And thank you for thinking I was younger. : )

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