This is my goal and mindset for the rest of my days above ground. My father passed away in 2016 and his entire life he taught and encouraged me and my 3 older siblings to do for self, work for self, and rely on ourselves for what we need. My daughter is becoming an urban farmer, my son has his own business and the bulk of my extended family are entrepreneurs. I, like you, survived an abusive marriage and had to work jobs to support my children alone, but at 50 I am still here and still working towards complete self-sufficiency from the suppression of White America for my future generations. I felt your words with everything in me about never wanting to teach my children or future grand children to assimilate to this culture that was CREATED to oppress and destroy them. Your words, as always, are some of the post powerful in the literary world and I will share this article 1000 times over. THIS is the new world order for Black folk and I am in 100%. Thank you as always, my sister.

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