This is one of the best, most informative books I've ever read and it's almost a century old. The truth has no expiration date, just as your words will undoubtedly live on well after you've gone on to that "upper room." This article and your new direction is innovative, empowering, and vital reading for all of us who are desperately trying to leave this place better than we found it.

I've been sharing your words and writing myself and I see a coalition beginning to form. People are stepping out of these ridiculous situations we've allowed to become the norms and are ready to put some action behind our thoughts. I will always be thankful for you shining a brutally honest and unapologetic light on what needs to be done.

I hope our next step will be coming TOGETHER as Black people. Understanding that this movement is more than a moment, but creating a new LIFESTYLE. One that our future generations will consider their NORM. I hope we all put aside our petty differences, tackle colorism and competition between each other as women, and understand there are no stand-outs, just people who need to come together and form a cohesive bond to achieve a shared goal. Your words are the beacon shining the light to this new tomorrow. THANK YOU.

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