Yet another article I could have highlighted from start to finish. This whiny woman made it almost unbearable to even WATCH any of the hearings. I noticed that exchange with Senator Harris and remembered thinking, “Oh now you are REALY showing yourself” and wondered if anyone else caught that. I knew Black women did and you hit it on the HEAD with this article. She was no match for Senator Harris, she knew that, and I almost thought she was going to use some WWTs (white woman tears) to get out of the line of questioning. Thank you for also adding some historical context to her background. Those who support this fiasco need to the FULL context of why this was such a punk move by Trump and his cronies, and why White privilege affects more than just a few lives. Another one of my favorite articles 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Mom of 2 amazing humans | Author of 3 books | Speaker | Activist | Creator of Jeanette’s Jewels

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